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This week I thought I’d share some interesting things that I’ve come across…

  1. I’m planning my next retreat.  Though I love Bali, Costa Rica and Nicaragua I really want to go somewhere new for our next retreat.  I came across this place in Fiji (photo above)!!!  Thinking of going in April.  Who’s joining me?  (Sign up on here to hear more details!)
  2. J. Brown, you took the words right out of my mouth.  Why slow is the new strong.
  3. I love Bali.  It’s so easy to fall in love with the people, the food, the culture and most of all the waves.  Each time I return I’m always amazed at how different it looks.  New developments, hip hotels, groovy restaurants being built anywhere and everywhere.  I can’t imagine what it was like for Gerry Lopez 40 years ago.  Looking forward to watching The More Things Change.
  4. Why I don’t drink water while eating…and other important digestion tips.
  5. It’s no surprise that Tadasana sets the foundation for all the other poses in yoga.  Watch this short video to see the benefits of good posture aka Tadasana.
  6. My teacher Anna Delury is back at it after a few years on sabbatical.  This weekend I had the opportunity to take a workshop with her.  It was really inspiring to see her again and to look at some of the poses with a fresh eye.
  7. Butter in coffee?  Yep!  A friend introduced me to bullet coffee about a year ago and have been a believer ever since.  In fact, when traveling I even bring my own butter and coconut oil for the flight- true story. 
  8. Great article on the importance of eating mindfully, choosing the most bio available ingredients to cook with and slowing down.  
  9. When two of your favorite surf brands collaborate.  Yewwww!
  10. I spent the weekend watching the entire second season of Narcos.  Highly recommend it for anyone intrigued by Pablo Escobar.  Does anyone have any other TV shows that I could binge watch this weekend???
  • KatGru

    About #10: I´ve started watching “Stranger Things” and it really got me hooked! I´m none to watch scary movies (they get me paranoid) but this show is awesome! Also “Peaky Blinders” is worth a look since you like “Narcos”. 😉

  • Dawn Flaherty

    About #2 ! it’s weird I was I thinking about exactly this. I started with Iyengar in my early 20’s and it was exactly as J Brown said… heavily guarded hallowed ground almost. It was very long classes and intense, and we did vinyasas only once a week, on Saturdays…but our bodies were like dynamite! Then after a long lapse I went back to classes near where I now live. This time it was vinyasa flow in every class and blew me away too but sometimes I missed the intensity and precision of slowness! And there was this sense of … don’t know how to put it… almost loss of respect of the rules and origins…there was even music…But I got into it! Then due to life I couldn’t do classes and slacked off (hate slacking off…the muscles just lose everything!) – till I found a video of yours on youtube – a 45 min strong flow. Stuck religiously to that ONE video for 3 months and totally shaped up…After ANOTHER slacking off I thought WHY am I not keeping this up? So … I’m doing your 7 day reset now. By Day 5 the penny has finally dropped… Exactly what you’ve been doing, mixing it up and holding the poses is what I needed, a blend of everything. My body has thanked me so much this last week. I totally love the way you teach Tim – sensitive and respectful of the poses in a pure Iyengar way, but keeping that flow and pace. Your blog is as beautifully presented as your classes. Well done Tim, thanks for sharing your passion with the world. At 45 I feel so excited about yoga again. Yay XXXX

  • Davi Vee

    Like, half of these I’ve always thought were just good or better ideas. Friends and family would say I’m weird about them though! lol, Butter in coffee IS GREAT!! But it shouldn’t be salted for sure! hahaha

  • Simona Sacchi

    The affair, Westworld, Timeless, Power
    Dreaming about your retreats!!!

  • Kara Landells

    Love this writeup Tim!

  • John Pickler

    I started the yoga because of the surf, and I recently discovered you like also like the sport. Cool!

  • Aimee Wright

    Tim you make me Giggle inside! I love your video’s/teaching, and fun personality you bring to them! You have saved me from a dismal winter in the U.K from which i moved to from L.A. But now i have you with me -Sunshine all good, thank God for you Tim! xx