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I remember as a kid sitting next to the radio waiting for my favorite songs to come on with a cassette tape in hand ready to record.  Sometimes I’d come sprinting back from the other room to catch the song 15-20 seconds late.  Most of the time the songs would be missing the intro or cut short by the radio station. But I didn’t care, as the little snip I did get I would be on repeat for days to come. I’m sure many of you can relate…

Now we have this amazing app called Spotify. Millions of songs from every possible type of genre available at our fingertips. Genius!

I was turned onto Vinnie Marino’s yoga class years ago.  For those of you unfamiliar, Vinnie teaches Vinyasa Flow classes primarily in Los Angeles.  He is hilarious, dry and quick witted.  I Laugh almost as much as I sweat when I take his class.

But aside from his magnetic personality and smart sequencing he always plays the best music in class.  It’s an eclectic mix, taking you through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  It’s a whole nostalgic trip for me, because it reminds me of the music my mom would play when I was a kid. My mom was one of the original hippies, front row covered in mud to see Jimmy Hendrix open with the star spangled banner at woodstock.  I never used to play music in class, but the first time I went to Vinnie’s class and he played the rolling stones for the B salutations. I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or just groove with it.  It added a really nice layer to group practice for me, and although I appreciate practicing in silence, there is something cool about letting classic rock flow through you as you salute the sun.

Opening up your mind to something new is just one of the many things that I  love about music.  I think a good song can help to do that, or put into words something that you’ve been feeling, or inspire you, or help you through a rough time.  You will find me listening to music most hours of the day; in my classes, at the house or in the car, looking for good songs like that.

Many of my local students ask me about a song they heard in class so I thought I’d begin sharing some of my playlists. Here’s some old, new and never heard before songs.

Happy listening!

  • Voetstoets.

    Love it! I always have a side of Jimmi with my daily chatauranga. Nothing better than the classics to calm the mind and energise.

  • Sonia C.

    Music after my own heart! Pretty awesome your mom was at Woodstock especially since Jimmy Hendrix was there too; so many amazing bands during those times.

  • John Pickler

    I liked it!

  • Serena Attenborough

    Tim I’ve been searching for you my whole life, dam boy! I remember taping songs on the radio with the cassette player. Couldn’t stop smiling reminiscing about the good old days.