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Happy Holidays!

I want to personally thank you for being a dedicated member of the community and for sticking with your practice through another 365.

This time of year can be a mix of highs and lows, celebrations and let downs.

So I want to encourage you more than ever to stick with your practice to help give you a sense of balance and to help keep you grounded.

A practice helps us to look at things differently.  Hopefully it will help us to be a beacon of light to others.

Ideally it will help us to feel energized so we can be looking for what we can add to life this holiday season, instead of what we can get out of it, or what it’s doing for us.

During the holidays we tend to overdo it with sweets, food, and drink. As we should, it can be a joyous time with family and friends, and we shouldn’t be in our heads about what we are or aren’t eating.

I remember when I was first getting strict with myself about healthy eating about 10 years ago.  I was having lunch with my friend Chip at People’s, the organic market and deli in Ocean Beach San Diego, just after a surf. Chips current hustle was a surfboard ding repair business.  He was the type of guy who often spoke in short parable without really trying.  It was like you were listening to well written country western music when you heard Chip speak about a subject.

Anyway, he had some interest in healthy living but thought my growing obsession and strict rules about what avoid eating was getting out of hand.  He pointed out a guy who worked in the deli that looked super bummed out and depleted.  He said, “All that stress about eating what’s right for your body is worse than eating whats wrong for your body.”

He had a point.  I’m always trying to nourish my body with healthy food, and believe that its super important for health and longevity, but if my family wants to meet up for a Christmas In-N-Out mission (one of our favorite things to do since I was a kid) or something like that I’m not going to boycott and bum everyone out on account of my superior health.  I’ll just go back to eating healthy the next day.

So going along with this idea of enjoying our time during the holidays,  I wanted to make a video that would leave you feeling balanced after indulging in whatever your trip is.

I thought I would do a short video, because I know how hectic things get for everyone this time of year.  I wanted to make a strong sequence with a lot of for core work, and my friend Duke who films the videos suggested I do a video with only core workouts. “Like a pilates video?!” I responded. ” I don’t know man, that’s not really my thing”

But then he pointed out that people are crunched for time and all that and how it would be good to have in the catalog so people can add it before some of the other videos if they have more time. Seemed like a good idea.

I looked up some of the abs and core exercise videos on YouTube and realized that there was a huge deficit. Although many of the routines were awesome, there was very little, or no instruction at all about how to properly engage the core in each of the exercises. In fact many of the models were doing the excersies improperly.

When you’re doing abs there’s a tendency to borrow from the wrong muscle groups, and if you aren’t familiar with how to properly engage your core, you will be adding tension to the already tight places instead of strengthening your core that supports those areas to move with more freedom.

So here’s what I put together:

1. Learn to Engage the Core and Warm Up

2. The Tuck Up

3. Glute Med Strengthening Sequence

4. Belly Back Bends

5. Planks

6. The Navasana Sequence ( boat and low-boat)

7. The Cool Down

I used to take group pilates classes when I was new to practicing yoga. Those classes were great, but they never explained what a core was or how to engage it properly.

When I finally learned how to engage my core, it really changed how my body developed and how I practiced the yoga poses.

As, always I’m interested to hear what you think. Leave a comment on the video after watching.

Happy Holidays and
Thanks for your continued support

  • Julie

    Happy Holidays to you too and thank YOU for supporting us with your words and videos 🙂

  • Zuz

    Thanks for those words, exactly my story! I used to control everything I eat by means of both its quality and calories but instead of nourished I was stressed out of it and as a result not feeling well. But as I stopped perceive food as threat but something I can just enjoy with my friends, my body started responding with endorphins and I feel (and paradoxically also look) much better than before when I was eating ‘clean’ 🙂

  • steve

    Hey Tim, you didn’t put a link to this. For anyone who, like me, was wondering it’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrVnapBl0bI

  • Carsten Ostersen

    Well. I just want to say – Stay Strong. It is a pleasure to join your class. I just want to say Thanks
    – I have just recorded my self this morning – after 21 days challenge.
    I can now see that I need to follow your class for a while. See you tomorrow again 😉

  • Donna Batchelor

    Love the exercises Tim! Your pace is perfect. My old creaky tight hip is loosening up!