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Foam Rolling For Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulder Tension

Regular use of a Foam Roller works wonders on tight muscles, can help to reduce inflammation, break up scar tissue and relieve joint stress. Foam Rolling can also help to improve circulation and flexibility.

Once you start rolling I guarantee you will wonder how you ever practiced yoga or exercised without it. Here are the 5 reasons to start foam rolling every day.

1. Break up Fascial Adhesions

The musculoskeletal system is incased by an aqueous network of tissue called fascia. When you go to sleep at night the body repairs itself and lays new superficial fascia between deep fascia and the skin (above the muscle). If you don’t practice yoga or conscious movement, or exercise, this continues to build up in areas that aren’t moving as well as others. Fascia also builds up in areas that are over-worked and not properly rested, hence my strong suggestion to take 1 day off a week to let the body recover.

When you foam roll you’re able to get into the areas that aren’t moving properly to break up the superficial fascia. The most interesting thing about fascia is its all connected! So when you have a knot in your hip that will effect how your shoulder moves or how you backbend.

2. Improve your range of motion.

Getting stuck in your stretching routine?
When you have scar tissue from fascial build up, your range of motion will be significantly limited in the planes of movement.  We used to think that if you were having difficulty in your forward fold it was due to tight hamstrings.  Now we know that the whole back body is connected through fascia and the muscles already have a predetermined length. the muscles become restricted in movement though fascial adhesions.
So, Foam rolling releases tension in the muscles, allowing the body to move more freely. This takes pressure off the joints and allows for more dynamic moves during physical activity. This is important for everyone from high level athletes to the weekend warrior.

3. Save money.

A massage is pricey and is not usually a weekly or daily occurrence. Fortunately, foam rollers achieve the same physical benefit as massage for a much cheaper price. A one-time purchase of a foam roller will give you hours of massage without putting a dent in your wallet.

4. Improve circulation and removes toxins.

The process of foam rolling stimulates the lymphatic system and helps push toxins out of the body. This helps with better oxygen delivery to the cells, improving circulation and rejuvenation.

5. Improve performance and speed results.

Starting and ending a workout with foam rolling is an ideal way to enhance the quality of the training session. When you start with foam rolling, you’re getting rid of any stagnant energy in the muscles. It’s a great way to prepare the body for movement and allows you to get deeper in each position. By ending the workout foam rolling, you’ll recover faster and rebuild muscle. This leads to faster gains and better results.

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    hi Tim,
    is there a particular length that you recommend for the foam roller (12″,24″,26″)?